05 2020-09

10 benefits of smart home to life

When you travel with your family, you can set up a virtual scene where the owner is at home so that the thief will not dare to act rashly. All this is done by the smart home to help you.
05 2020-09

Smart home, in short, is smart decoration

In fact, smart home, in a nutshell, is smart decoration, smart home life, and its application is what people do every day.
05 2020-09

Smart home originated in the United States

Smart home originated in the United States. Today, smart homes have been in the United States for nearly 30 years. With the increasing popularity of home intelligence worldwide, smart homes quietly entered the Chinese market at the end of the last century.
05 2020-09

Smart home, or smart house

Smart home, or smart home, is an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly living environment that combines building equipment, network communications, information appliances and equipment automation, integrating systems, structures, services, and management. . On the basis of maintaining the traditional residential function, it got rid of the passive mode and became a modern tool with active and intelligent. Smart home not only provides a full range of information exchange functions, but also optimizes people’s lifestyle and living environment, helps people effectively arrange time, saves various energy sources, and realizes home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, curtain automatic control, Anti-theft alarm, computer control, timing control and telephone remote control functions.
05 2020-09

The practical significance of smart home

With the success of many smart home products, the theory of smart home was born, adding vitality to the home furnishing field. On the basis of traditional home design and manufacturing theories, the introduction of modern high-tech and advanced manufacturing technology to carry out research on home intelligence not only enriches the theories in the field of home design, but also has a positive effect on the enhancement, supplement and improvement of subject knowledge. Lay a certain foundation for the future development of the smart home field.
05 2020-09

Remote centralized control

In addition to the traditional panel control, the smart home control method also adds voice control and mobile control. For example, turn your mobile phone, iPad, tablet computer into a smart controller. This not only allows remote operation, but also centralized control of home appliances, making life more convenient.
05 2020-09

What practical benefits can smart homes bring us?

In recent years, artificial intelligence has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, and smart products have emerged in endlessly. When artificial intelligence quietly entered our lives, the domestic smart home field rose rapidly, and it gradually changed everyone with its advanced life philosophy.
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